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Connecting Xbox 360 To HDTV With HDMI

Some of us gamers my just have got a new HDMI cable for our Xbox 360 and have a couple of issues connecting it with the TV. HDMI is a great addition to any gaming system, so lets get this problem fixed so you can get back to what actual matters: Gaming.

PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death – How to Address This Issue?

Usually the yellow light of death appears when the machine is about 2 years old, well past the one year warranty provided by Sony. Owners musts either pay for a refurbished machine, buy a new one, or figure out a fix to the dreaded yellow light of death. Users can have this fixed in one of two ways: they can attempt to fix it themselves, or they can pay Sony to fix it for them.

How to Deal With the Dreaded PlayStation 3 Red Light

Despite the popularity of the PlayStation 3, a lot of people have been voicing out their complaints regarding the PlayStation 3 red light problem. Many owners of the PS3 have noticed the red flashing light while playing.

How To Fix E74 – Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Xbox 360

Do you want to fix e74 error on your Xbox 360 system? Then read on. Many Xbox 360 owners, about 30%-40%, have all experienced one problem or the other associated with the gaming console.

What to Do When You Get Yellow Light of Death on Your PS3

For PS3 owners, the term Yellow Light of Death or YLOD is probably very popular. YLOD may occur due to overheating or hard drive failure. Find out here what to do when you get YLOD on your PS3.

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