Top 10 gaming laptop 2021 (Best 10 Picks in 2021)

Making Your PS3 Last Longer

The worst thing is to see that yellow light, that indicates it’s time send it out for service. So what can you do to avoid this? There are some simple preventive steps you can take that will give you longevity in your gaming console.

Wii U Specs – Technical Specifications for the New Wii U Game Console

The Nintendo Wii U specs are better then some expected and will definitely give its competition a run for its money. This gaming console is packed with power and won’t disappoint on the graphics either.

What Is the Wii U Price – How Much Is the New System Going to Cost?

Wii U pricing for the console, games and accessories may surprise you and it won’t break the bank. Those that have been lucky enough to play the Wii U say it is well worth it.

Modded PS3 Controllers: Get Really Good Really Fast

As a casual gamer, you have no interest in getting destroyed online when going against guys who game 18 hours per day. You just want to go online and get you fair share of kills and headshots. So before you go out and drop out of school or quit your job, custom modded controllers are just the solution to even the playing field with these hardcore gamers. Modded controllers quickly and easily convert your single-shot and semi-automatic weapons to fire like that of a fully-automatic weapon.


Nintendo has the habit of upgrading it handheld systems from time to time. It therefore comes as no surprise to any ardent follower to know that an upgrade of the 3DS console, the 3DS XL is now available.

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