The FASTEST Gaming Laptop I’ve Ever Tested!

Xbox One And The Privacy Concerns Of The Console

Xbox One is the newest toy from Microsoft. It was announced in May 2013. This is the third of the much famed and popular Xbox series from Microsoft, and there is no doubt that Xbox One is therefore the culmination of Microsoft’s extensive experience in producing top class gaming consoles since the original Xbox in 2001.

The Next Generation in Gaming

A brief article detailing the new hardware used in the next generation of gaming. We dive into the differences between the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

How to pick a hard drive for your PS4 hard drive upgrade. The standard PS4 HD is 500gb but games are going to be nearly 50gb each which doesn’t leave much room to store your games or digitally download them.

Tri Wing Screws on the Wii U: Question and Answer

If you have ever tried to take apart the Wii U I am sure you have noticed that there are screws holding it together that require a Y-shaped screwdriver to take them out. These type of screws are known as tri wing screws and are sometimes called the Nintendo screw. The reason they are known as the Nintendo screw is because Nintendo has used it for many years to put together their video game consoles and other products.

Parts of the Wii-U

The Wii console from Nintendo really revolutionized the way we look at video games. Instead of sitting on the couch moving your thumbs you actually have to get up and move your whole body. Since the Wii came out Nintendo has worked hard to make a new console to take their unique gaming experience to another level.

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