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The Gamecube – What It Was All About

The Nintendo Gamecube was a concole released in 2002. The console was a revolution in gaming for Nintendo both because of the compact size of the console, and the unique games released for it. But what was the Gamebcube actually all about?

To Bundle or Not to Bundle (The Sony PlayStation 3) That Is the Question!

For several years one question has plagued gamers, “should I get a bundled Sony PlayStation 3, or simply just invest in a stand-alone Cheap PlayStation 3 with out a game?” The fact is however that both options have their own merit if you think about them through the right point of view. Given that I’ve an abundance of spare time I made the choice to do exactly that.

What Is a PSP 2, or a PSP 3? Do They Even Exist?

There’s been lots of confusion out there for some time as to what the real difference is between the PSP, the PSP 2, and the PSP 3. And generally it is easy to understand because there really isn’t a device known as the PSP 2, as well as PSP 3 at the very least not officially. Let me explain…

Fixing Your PlayStation 3 (PS3 YLOD Repair)

The Playstation 3 (PS3) is one of the most powerful and popular gaming consoles out on the market right now. Unfortunately, the fame doesn’t not come without a few flaws. One of the most prominent issues with modern gaming consoles such as the Playstation 3 is the inability to keep itself cool. Once overheated, the Playstation 3 will no longer turn on. Symptoms of this issue include the system “beeping” 3 times and a yellow flashing light near the on button. This PS3 issue is highly cited as the “Yellow Light of Death” or YLOD. Let’s see what we can do to revive this expensive paper weight back to life.

Why I Love the GameCube

The Nintendo GameCube is a great console, released in 2002. The console brought with it some of the biggest titles in games history, and they survived well beyond the console itself, with many of the titles having installments released on consoles two generations ahead of it. But why do I love the GameCube so much?

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