NEW Gaming Laptops Are Here! 11th Gen Beats Ryzen?

Purchasing Points And Network Cards For Video Game Consoles

Today, more than fifty percent of households own one 7th generation gaming console. More than ever, gamers are given a wide range of options not only with regards to what games they can play, but also how they interact with the gaming environment and spend on them.

DSi Vs 3DS Compared

If you are in the market to buy a Nintendo DS console, how do you choose between the various editions of this dual-screen handheld gaming system? In this three part series article we would be comparing the main editions of the console highlighting the features that stand out.

Why the Wii U Price Is Spot on, for Now

With the price of the WII U set at $300-350, discussion has begun to see if it is worth all that. In my opinion, it is, and here is why.

Play Station 3 – A Perfect Gaming Console for All

PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly the best gaming console available in the market that is capable of playing the Blu-rays and the 3D content. The popularity of the PlayStation 3 gaming console can easily be seen by the fact, that all the major games released in the market have a separate option for the PS 3 and makes a higher end of the game that can be played on the Play Station 3 console.

How to Get Rid of PS3 Blinking Red Light?

The general cause of the PS3 blinking red light issue is the overheating. This overheating can happen for several reasons. First, it can occur if you are playing while placing it on carpet or similar surface. This surface can trap considerable amount of heat in them, and can also close the vents of the device. Both of these reasons can lead to the overheating and this overheating will cause the problem.

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